创新 . 激情 . 未来
Innovation . Passion . Future

我们乐于挑战一切更新更好的事物,开拓进取和不断创新。 Delight in challenges , innovations and developments.
对产品以及服务,我们从来没有疲惫过、放弃过。  Never lose our passion for our products and services.
坚定地继续我们一如既往的脚步!   Firmly continues our footsteps!
一起快乐,一起欢笑,是谷田赋予我们快乐的源泉。  Be happy and laugh together, it is Gutian who gives us a source of happiness.
我们尽情享受工作中的每一份喜悦和热爱,从不掩饰!  We enjoy every joy and love in our work and never cover up!
为身处这样一个团队而骄傲,对我们的团队保持一颗诚挚之心。  Be proud in such a team and keep sincere and confident.



2019 珠海谷田科技总部技术交流会
2019 Technology Communication of Zhuhai Gutin Technology Headquarters


Based on the theme of accumulation, innovation and sharing, the headquarters of gutin organized a unique technical exchange meeting. After two days of study, it not only let us know how to break through the market and technical barriers of audio-visual engineering projects, but also improved the enthusiasm of sharing experience and promoted the cohesion of gutin team.

2019 广州国际专业灯光、音响展览会
2019 Guangzhou international light and sound Exhibition

2019广州国际专业灯光 . 音响展览会,谷田科技团队以客户的需求为导向,推出了智能声.光.影同步系统,一键切换,为不同的声学环境提供操作简便的智能化影音整体解决方案!

During 2019 Guangzhou International Prolight+Sound Exhibition,  guided by the needs of customers, Gutin technique teamhas launched an intelligent audio-visual synchronization system, one-button switching, which provides a simple and intellectualized audio-visual solution for different acoustic environments!

2018 上海国际智能家居影音展
2018 Shanghai International Smart Home Video Exhibition


At the Shanghai International Smart Home Video and Audio Exhibition in 2018, Gutian Science and Technology demonstrated the overall solution of the third generation smart cinema KTV system and smart conference system, which won the high recognition of new and old customers. On-site, it helped customers upgrade the original ordinary scheme by taking advantage of the advantages of Gutian. The system was more stable, easy to install and simple to operate. Higher cost performance!

2018 珠海谷田科技总部培训会场
2018 Zhuhai Gutian Technology Headquarters Training Center


Welcome silently to support Valley’s partners to visit the headquarters, participate in a three-day training course, Gutian intelligent cinema KTV system, intelligent conference system, intelligent entertainment system, and so on the overall solution, marketing, scene application, installation and debugging skills, Thank you very much to all the old and new friends who have visited Gutin Audio.

2017 中国拉美洲国际贸易展览会
2017 China Latin American International Trade Fair


President Xi Jinping attended the “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum and delivered a keynote speech, summarizing the “silk cooperation spirit, openness, inclusiveness, mutual learning, mutual benefit and mutual benefit” as the core of the Silk Road spirit. China is willing to strengthen cooperation with Latin America, promote common development, and build a community of fate between China and Latin America. Gutian Technology, as a market-oriented, Zhuhai Hi-tech enterprise dedicated to creating a smart audio and video entertainment platform, is very honored to participate in this Expo!

2017 广州国际法兰克福灯光音响展
2017 Guangzhou international light and sound Exhibition


The 15th China (Guangzhou) International Professional Lighting and Sound Exhibition! Gutian Intelligent Theater KTV System, Intelligent Conference System, Intelligent Performing Arts System, Perfect Solution, Warmly Welcome German Colleagues to Visit Gutian Booth, Bring New Frontier Audio Technology, To All Old and New Friends Visiting Gutin Audio Stand in Gutian The most sincere thanks!

2016 北京CIT中国影音集成科技展
2016 Beijing CIT Chinese film and audio integrated science and Technology Exhibition


CIT China Audio-Video Integration Technology Exhibition held in Beijing National Convention Center, Gutian Intelligent Audio-Video System shines in Beijing, launching a highly integrated cinema KTV system independently developed to solve the industry pain point of multi-functional entertainment in private cinemas.

2016 广州国际法兰克福灯光音响展
2016 Guangzhou international light and sound Exhibition


It is the first time to introduce a complete solution of Intelligent Movie K, from VOD to scene one-click switching, all devices closed-loop communication, faster installation, more stable system, simpler operation. Thank you for visiting Gutin audio booth in Gutian.

2015 广州国际法兰克福灯光音响展
2015 Guangzhou international light and sound Exhibition


Yada Neble’s team will meet you at the D02 Pavilion at the 4.1 Pavilion of Pazhou International Exhibition in Guangzhou. New intelligent video and audio entertainment system. 2015 different entertainment circles!

2014 广州国际法兰克福灯光音响展
2014 Guangzhou international light and sound Exhibition

谷田音频技术研发中心12年的研发与生产经验,正式推广德国GD Gutin品牌,约您在广州琶洲国际展览会11.2馆A19展区不见不散!完美的音质,多功能整合系统,原伴唱自由切换,电池电量提示!全新设计的无线麦克风、效果器、音箱及智能电源管理系统!

Yada Neble team will invite you to Guangzhou Pazhou international exhibition, perfect sound quality, multifunctional integration system, original accompaniment free switching, battery power tips! The newly designed wireless microphone, effector, speaker and intelligent power management system!